Commercial Office Complex

CCB Tower

Hong Kong

It is a new grade-A commercial office building located at the heart of Central district (CBD) of Hong Kong. There are about 13,500 sqm of office floor area.

Each office floor is installed with high-end Lay-in metal ceiling, System 210 from Suckow & Fischer. The ceiling system has flush front surface between the ceiling grids and ceiling panels. The recessed mitre-joint groove channel of the extruded aluminium profile on the 15 mm ceiling grid allows fixing wall partition head section underneath.

Ceiling panels are micro-perforated with 0.7mm diameter holes that provide neat appearance and good noise reduction properties. Special design ceiling trim forms a perfect interfacing of the air-return diffusers & ceiling panels along the curtain wall perimeter.

Exterior of the building installed System 450 Typhoon Proof Ceiling in 4 mm thick aluminium with individual panel to be demountable for maintenance of E&M building service above.

CCB Tower
Hong Kong

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Shanghai, China

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