Hook-on Ceiling Exterior

System 130EX

Hook-on Ceiling Exterior

Hook-on ceiling system is one of the concealed grid suspended ceiling systems specially designed to withstand wind load and storm weather conditions for exterior or semi-exterior applications. The system is sound, structurally rigid and reliable with proven track records for years. The system does not require welding of metal sub-frame on site and it has successfully completed Wind Pressure Tests for severe storm conditions. The ceiling panels can be fabricated in various sizes, square in tile form or rectangular shape in plank form, depending on the ceiling layout design.


  • Designed to withstand wind load pressure
  • Proven exterior ceiling system with test reports
  • Concealed suspension grid system
  • Site safety - sub-structure without welding onsite required
  • Fast installation of sub-frame with bolts and nuts
  • Flexible in rectangular or square shape 

System 130EX
Hook-on Ceiling Exterior

System 450
Typhoon Proof Double Hook-on Plank Ceiling

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