Hinged-down Ceiling

System 112E

Hinged-down Metal Corridor Ceiling

Another proprietary metal corridor ceiling system designed for frequent access of building services at the plenum form Suckow & Fischer. Individual metal corridor panel is hinged and locked with the C-grids and can be opened to access the plenum simply by opening the latches at the panel length. The system comprises with C-grids running along the wall of corridor that can integrate with large ceiling planks to the width of corridor. It is designed and engineered to allow frequent access without distortion of ceiling panel alignment with the grid system. The system is ideal for internal applications for building corridors with building services & ducts mounting above the ceiling level. The system is integrated with building services such as light fittings, air filters, air-conditioning outlets, sprinkler heads, broadcasting equipment and signage.


  • Proprietary hinged-down system designed & engineered with German technology
  • Prestigious full panel length to width of building corridor
  • Specially developed ceiling system for frequent access to building services
  • Incorporated with other building services with systematic layout
  • Flush & flat ceiling surface for easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance with durable product life 

System 112E
Hinged-down Metal Corridor Ceiling

System 173
Hinged-down Metal Ceiling

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