Lay-in Ceiling

System 210

Fine Line Lay-in Ceiling

A refinement of conventional exposed T-grid lay-in ceiling system. In addition to the features of the conventional exposed T-grids, the system is simple in design planning for room configuration and flexible to reallocate of de-mountable wall partitions by connecting the head-rails with M6 screws into the recessed groove line at the centre of the ceiling grids. It is suitable for applications in commercial, public and administrative buildings. The system is integrated with building services such as light fittings, air-conditioning outlets, sprinkler heads, broadcasting equipment and signage.


  • Exposed T-grid system flushed with ceiling tile surface
  • Simple in design planning of room configuration
  • Flexible floor plan re-allocation from time to time
  • Easy to integrated with wall partitions & other building services
  • Good sound insulation with mineral wool pads
  • Low maintenance with durable product life 

System 210
Fine Line Lay-in Ceiling

System 220
Lay-in Ceiling

System 4220
Lay-in Expanded Metal Ceiling

System 4300
Lay-in Metal Plank Ceiling

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