Open Cell Ceiling

System 101GL

Swing Down Open Cell Ceiling

The system is unique in design in terms of variable cell patterns, fully de-mountable with swing down function for maintenance and choice of different colours for upper and lower sections. The cell element has a feature of rectangular cell pattern instead of square cells for interior application. The cell element is dimensionally flexible to fit the ceiling design layout of the room so as to integrate with building service suck as lighting fixtures, air-conditioned diffusers, sprinklers and other building service equipment.


  • Fully de-mountable with swing down feature of individual cell element
  • Cell modules in rectangular form in two depths
  • Flexible in element size and dimensions of cell modules
  • Dimensionally stable; fabrication with roll-forming dies
  • Rigid and stable grid & suspension system
  • Fully integrated with all building services
  • Colour consistence with coil coated material
  • Low maintenance; dismantle individual cell element easily

System 101GL
Swing Down Open Cell Ceiling

System 585GX
Lay-in Open Cell Ceiling

System 612GM
Open Cell Ceiling

System 612EX
Exterior Open Cell Ceiling

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