Timber finish - Metal

It is getting popular to have the applications with timber finishing for interior decoration and exterior architectural features in building design. We all aware of there are limited natural resources of our earth and we must try our best to reduce trees cutting from remaining forests. The innovative timber finish available from powder coating has become an alternative solution for architects and designers. In the past, the drawback of most timber finish powder coated material is the durability - color of wood grain fading out overtime, especially where the coating exposed to sunlight.

Suckow & Fischer working with Oxyplast powder manufacturer with a special durable polyester powder which is formulated for heat transfer process of timber images on metal substrates for exterior applications resulted with excellent resistance to atmospheric ageing and ultra-violet light. The coating passed tests of accelerated weathering according to ASTM G154-06 and QUV-B Test.

Another green product solution in timber finishes from Suckow & Fischer is aluminium honeycomb panels with timber veneer on panel surface. It gives real timber appearance and natural feeling.

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