Air Tight Ceiling

System 470AT

air tight - clean room ceiling

With growing concern about healthcare, the air-tight concealed ceiling is designed for use in operating theatres, ICU & isolated wards of hospitals as well as other facilities, such as clinics, laboratories, cleanrooms, food processing, electronic and pharmaceutical industries where positive / negative air pressure may apply.


• Concealed suspension ceiling grid system with flat visible surface
• Tests proven air tightness & rigidness ceiling system
• Anti-static and anti-bacteria coating available
• Ceiling structure thickness below 100mm, maximize ceiling height
• Panels are butt joint with minimal panel gaps
• No need of applying silicon sealant on ceiling panel joints
• Sealant along wall trims is invisible from surface
• No screw fixing required for entire system except thread rods
• Individual panels are demountable with hand tool
• Easy to access to plenum for maintenance of building services

System 470AT
air tight - clean room ceiling

System 470 AT - HTC series
Air Tight - Humidity Temperature Control Ceiling

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