Cleanroom Ceiling

System 470 AT

Cleanroom Metal Ceiling with Value-added Features

A cleanroom is built to provide a concealed environment with a controlled level of contamination specified by the number of particles per M3 in specific particle sizes. Cleanrooms are classified by the extent of air cleanliness according to ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Classification Standards.

Cleanroom with vertical flow design requires air-distribution system with positive air-flow from HEPA or ULPA filters on ceiling going downward to low wall air-returns in a constant stream. The air-tightness of the cleanroom ceiling is an important element to avoid air leakage and possible air contamination from small particles behind the cleanroom ceiling void.

There are building services behind the cleanroom ceiling which are required frequent maintenance and inspection. Our novel cleanroom metal ceiling system has the unique features that no sealant glue is required at panel joints and individual ceiling panel is demountable from cleanroom ceiling surface; therefore, additional openable access panels on cleanroom ceiling are not required.

Value-added Features: 

  • A proprietary cleanroom metal ceiling concealed grid system with accessories for simplicity of installation 
  • Rigid and slim ceiling metal sub-frame with overall thickness of cleanroom ceiling system which is less than 100mm
  • Suspended simply by M8 thread rods with mounting brackets
  • Maximising cleanroom ceiling height with less obstacle for air-ducting and building services at the ceiling void
  • Independent air-tightness laboratory tests done in Germany
  • Anti-bacteria & anti-static powder coating available as options
  • No need to apply sealant glue along the ceiling panel joints (cost & labour saving)
  • Not required to install openable access panels on the cleanroom ceiling (cost & labour saving)
  • Individual cleanroom ceiling panel is demountable for inspection or servicing with hand tools

System 470 AT
Cleanroom Metal Ceiling with Value-added Features

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