Interior & Exterior Cladding

System 500E

Exterior Direct Fixed Cladding

Conventional direct fixing metal wall cladding is one of the most popular system being applied on newly developed or renovated building projects for interior or exterior applications. The system is simply by designing the panel layout in accordance to structural design of the metal sub-frame configuration. Metal wall panels are designed with fixing brackets along the panel upstands on four-side and directly mounted to the metal sub-frame with screws. It is cost effective for large or small wall area. Space in between the panel joints is between 15 to 20mm and to be filled up with approved sealant.


  • Flexible in design configuration for flat or 3-dimensional expression
  • Choice of colour combination to match building design
  • Environmental friendly with recyclable material
  • Combination of mixture of cladding material other than metal
  • Simple and easy installation method
  • Fully de-mountable without affecting adjacent panels 

System 500E
Exterior Direct Fixed Cladding

System 510E
Clip-in Interior Cladding

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