Open Cell Ceiling

System 612EX

Exterior Open Cell Ceiling

System 470 AT Clip-in Air Tight Ceiling

With growing concern about healthcare, the air-tight concealed ceiling is designed for use in operating theatres, ICU & isolated wards of hospitals as well as other facilities, such as clinics, laboratories, cleanrooms, food processing, electronic and pharmaceutical industries where positive / negative air pressure may apply.Advantages:

  • Proven exterior open cell ceiling with laboratory wind tests
  • Decorative yet good for inspection & maintenance of building serivices behind
  • Open cell ceiling with integrated suspension carriers in same shape and colour
  • Choices of various cell modules and panel heights
  • Colour consistence with coil coated material
  • Low maintenance; dismantle individual cell element possible

System 101GL
Swing Down Open Cell Ceiling

System 585GX
Lay-in Open Cell Ceiling

System 612GM
Open Cell Ceiling

System 612EX
Exterior Open Cell Ceiling

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