Why choose powder coating ?

Powder Coating is the type of coating which does not require solvent as a liquid carrier like conventional liquid paint coating. It emits very minimal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as compared to liquid form paint coating process. It is considered as an environmental friendly Green coating technology.

There are some critical degreasing, cleaning, rinsing and pre-treatment process of the substrates prior to applying powder coating. The best with high quality assurance of powder coating is the entire coating process with automated computer aid control system from cleaning, pretreatment with non-toxic chemicals to coating. It will minimize possible human errors compared to manual or semi-manual powder coating process.

Suckow & Fischer equips one of the best powder coating lines in architectural products industry. We take pride in our production of finished goods with high performance coating that will last many years for interior or exterior applications.

Wet Paint VS
Powder Coating

Wet Paint Powder Coating
Thinner coating thickness; less flexibility to bend and yield with the metal substrate being applied. VS Minimum coating thickness is more than double of wet paint coating; can be more flexible and durable
Contain solvent mixtures VS Contain no solvents; purely organic powder
Spraying on metal substrates with liquid form solvents which produces hazardous waste VS By electrostatic attraction to metal; positively charged powder are attracted to negatively grounded metal substrate
Emit VOCs during application; VOC destruction process required* VS Emit zero or near-zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) during application
Up to 70% content are solvents, high waste material generated: High overspray, spillages, which are non-recoverable VS Clean application process, negligible waste: Overspray can be recovered, recycled and reused, up to 96-99% material utilization rate
Paint wastes are hazardous, need careful disposal VS Powder wastes are non-hazardous, can be disposed by landfill

Powder Coating Line

One of the advanced powder coating lines in China designed based on European standards with fully automated system monitored by PLC digital touch screen operating software.

  • Environmental friendly coating process with natural gas as heating fuel & waste water treatment
  • Improve Corrosion and Adhesion of metal substrates with non-toxic environmental friendly Henkel Aldodine and Bonderite HC-1 chemicals
  • Automatic thorough cleaning with heated spraying & non-toxic pre-treatment on substrates before coating
  • Concealed positive pressurized powder spraying chamber with Contour type spraying booths
  • Advanced air stream non-contact booth floor cleaning system with high efficiency multi-cyclone powder separator & auto-reclaim system for powder recycling

Our Green Products

Chilled ceiling system

Chilled ceiling system - a GREEN system that metal ceiling integrated with temperature conditioning function.

Chilled ceiling involves the direct absorption of heat radiated from warm surfaces within the room. The system results in low air velocity with an even temperature distribution in the occupied zone, thus
providing very good comfort levels.

Significant environmental benefits gained by applying chilled ceiling system include:

  • Quieter ambient due to less air flow rate and lower air velocity
  • Less energy consumption with higher temperature chilled water, annual energy saving has around 20%
  • Using 100% fresh air ensures better indoor air quality
  • Extend up to 100-500mm per floor height with reduced air-duct sizes, create more interior space
  • Metal ceiling panels and copper coils do not require regularly cleaning, maintenance cost reduced
  • Anti-Bacterial and anti-static coating applied provide hygienic environment, which are especially suitable for hospital, laboratory, food processing or educational Institution and public facilities
  • Getting credit points in Green building rating and certification, eg. LEED or Beam Plus

Timber Surface Treatment

It is getting popular to have the applications with timber finishing for interior decoration and exterior architectural features in building design. We all aware of there are limited natural resources of our earth and we must try our best to reduce trees cutting from remaining forests. The innovative timber finish available from powder coating has become an alternative solution for architects and designers. In the past, the drawback of most timber finish powder coated material is the durability - color of wood grain fading out overtime, especially where the coating exposed to sunlight.

Suckow & Fischer working with Oxyplast powder manufacturer with a special durable polyester powder which is formulated for heat transfer process of timber images on metal substrates for exterior applications resulted with excellent resistance to atmospheric ageing and ultra-violet light. The coating passed tests of accelerated weathering according to ASTM G154-06 and QUV-B Test.

Another green product solution in timber finishes from Suckow & Fischer is aluminium honeycomb panels with timber veneer on panel surface. It gives real timber appearance and natural feeling.

Honeycomb Panels

Aluminium honeycomb panel was first used for building aircraft bodies because of its light weight but with high impact resistance properties. The latest development of honeycomb panels for the applications in green building technology is timber veneer honeycomb panels and stone veneer honeycomb panels.

Selected patterns of thin genuine timber veneer placed on top surface of aluminium honeycomb panels can provide solid wood appearance and natural aesthetical ambience. It is an ideal alternative for the use of solid timber for wall or ceiling for interior applications.

Besides, there are choices of natural stone in marble or granite veneer honeycomb panels which can be applied as interior walls or exterior wall cladding. The light weight of the thin gauge natural stone honeycomb panel offers high impact resistance and its advantage of reducing the consumption of natural stone blocks thus reducing the metal sub-frame required for site installation.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Suckow & Fischer have been collaborating with Urban Spring, a social enterprise committed to offering innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce single-use plastic waste in Hong Kong, to educate the public about the scale of our plastic waste issue and to re-define the way how to consume drinking water outside of our homes.

We have participated from design to manufacturing the casing of “Well#” a modern water dispenser for providing safe and well-filtered drinking water to the community. It is a “First of its Kind” smart drinking water dispenser being introduced to Hong Kong.

Urban Spring HK’s official website :  http://www.urbanspring.hk/

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