Kowloon Park Swimming Pool

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

It was the venue to host the swimming and diving events of the 5th East Asia Game in Hong Kong. The entire ceiling and wall cladding of the complex was refurbished to improve the acoustical effect for the live broadcasting to all Asian countries.

Due to the indoor swimming pool was built in 1988 and some original drawings were not available for the metal roof, the new ceiling design must be lighter than the original ceiling. Suckow & Fischer designed and supplied 30 x 150mm baffle panel ceiling perforated in square holes with Basotect acoustic infill material inside.

The interior waving design of metal wall cladding has two tunes of blue colour which match the water colour theme. The aluminium hook-on type wall cladding panels are perforated in hexagonal perforation pattern with acoustic material behind. Anti-static properties powder coating applied on the ceiling & wall cladding panels to avoid dust collection on the panel surface for easy cleaning & maintenance. Exterior aluminium wall cladding at Trampoline Room building was coated with anti-graffiti powder coating. 

Kowloon Park Swimming Pool
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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